Tuesday, 20 August 2019

3 Reasons Why Almond Leaf is Important for Betta Fish Aquarium

Betta fish is one of the most popular decorative fish for aquarium. However, many aquarium owners have to face the fact that this fish can’t live easily in any aquarium water. You need to prepare it carefully, so it can become a comfortable place for this fish to live in. one of the method you can use is adding the Indian almond leaf for Betta. Why?
  1. The Betta Original Habitat
Betta fish come from Southeast Asia. They live in the paddy field where the water has a higher pH level than tap water. Almond leaf helps to soften the water in your aquarium. In other words, it can increase the pH level of the water, so the Betta fish can live comfortably in it.
  1. The Nest for Spawning and Reproduction
Betta fish also has a habit to put their eggs under or surround the almond leaf. Therefore, if you put the almond leaf inside the aquarium, it can become a comfortable nest for Betta fish. Some serious fish breeder even uses the leaf to breed Betta leaf. So, it does work for this purpose.
  1. The Cure for Skin Problem
Almond leaf also is said to be the best cure for Betta fish skin problem. There are no studies that learn about these benefits. But, if we take a look at high flavonoid in almond leaf, we can see where this practice based on. Moreover, it also said that the almond leaf can strengthen the Betta fish skin. So, they won’t get the skin problem easily.
In short, the almond leaf is the betta fish leaf. It has so many benefits for this cute fish. However, you need to consult with the expert before putting the leaf inside the aquarium. Make sure you know how much leaves that you need in your aquarium that won’t destroy the perfect condition where the Betta fish can live in it.